Is it possible to change cdn datacenter country?

Hi community,

I’m new to Cloudflare CDN service.

Is there any way we can change the CDN datacenter country?

For example if it’s possible to change the datacenter location to HongKong?

How could I do that?

Please give me some guidance.

Thank you guys.

I don’t t believe you can manually select what data center the CDN will put it on. The idea of Cloudflare (correct me if I’m wrong) is that it will automatically use the closest available to the requesting user. Once one user loads the page once it will be cached for an X amount of time on the data center for others that request the same page close to the initial user. And this happens for each data center and user.

The ‘closest’ PoP isn’t always chosen. It depends on a few things:

  • Your region, if you live in Europe or North America you are more likely to get routed to something ‘close’
  • The Cloudflare plan the site is on, free, pro, business, enterprise
  • How well your ISP peers with Cloudflare
  • Whether or not PoPs are overloaded , e.g last week all Free plan sites in Asia were re-routed to NA, I assume because of traffic they were taking, and cache/memory availabiltiy they had.
  • If you are using Cloudflare WARP

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