Is it possible to cache the resources in all the edge locations?

I’m using a Free plan on to cache images, CSS, JS and also the HTML pages.

I have basically the default configuration plus the following rule to cache the HTML pages:*

Cache Level: Cache Everything
Edge Cache TTL: a month

I tested the time to first byte and the HTTP headers with CURL requests from multiple locations. I noticed that the resources are loaded from the Cloudflare cache and the cf-cache-status has the “HIT” value only when the second request is sent from the same edge location. (and this was expected) However, when I perform the first request from a new geographical location the server responds with cf-cache-status: “MISS”.

My question is if it’s possible to propagate a cached resource in all the edge locations, so that a user that loads the website from a new (not already cached) geographical location can have an optimal time to first byte and the cf-cache-status: “HIT”.

To resume, I would like to have a behavior similar to the one of AWS CloudFront when through the options the user selects to propagate the resources in all the edge location.

Thank you for your support.

No, it isn’t. Generally caching is PoP specific and behaves exactly in the way you described. There is tiered caching - Introducing: Smarter Tiered Cache Topology Generation - but it still does not apply to all PoPs.

What you want can’t be achieved with traditional file caching but only with one of the addon products, such as KV or Images, though that also depends on the plan. KV, for example, would not save everything on the PoPs either. It would also mean having a custom implementation and being charged for all these requests. Not sure that’s your use case.

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