Is it possible to block Termux?

Is it possible to block Termux users from accessing my website?

That’s an Android terminal emulator, correct?


I am afraid not so, except using cloudflared tunnel and blocking ports at the origin host/ server. Otherwise, using Cloudflare Spectrum for a protection on the specific port.

Could be I am wrong, kindly and patiently wait for another reply.


How did you know the users were coming from Termux? Via user agent?


I found youtube videos that people made accessing my website with it

Unless the traffic generated from Termux has very specific characteristics (which I don’t think so), you are likely not able to block them. In fact, since Termux is just emulating Linux terminal environment, most of the tools and scripts that run on Linux OS Distro e.g. Ubuntu, CentOS can be run on Termux as well. This includes tools such as curl, wget, etc. Instead of “blocking Termux”, you might need to find ways how to block the tools and scripts used to communicate with your website.

By the way, I’m interested to know which video is this?


Thanks for the reply, I was afraid this was the case, the problem I am having is they are using bots to access my website with termux, I will have to see if I can fix this somehow

I’m too interested to know .

That famous site

don’t misunderstand just asking .

The explanation from @fritex may help you:

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Thank you


Virtualized environments might attempt to mock “real” machines; however, they leave traces that make them flaggable and different from regular users.

My first guess is canvas inspection and checking the renderer of the page; the odds are that it will leak some information about the emulator.
The detection might be easy; however, it is complicated to add resilience against spoofing. If these visitors don’t suppose an actual issue to your company, I would ignore them; a proper implementation to fight this would be close to the 6 digits and require constant maintenance if the attackers are persistent.


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