Is it possible to block sites from taking my m3u8 or mp4 links !?

i’m loocking for away to protect my content like m3u8 or mp4 files is it possible in cloudflare like in WAF rules !

May I ask if you’re serving them to the public via your proxied :orange: hostname? :thinking:
Are you using a free or paid Cloudflare plan?
How large are they?

To protect the particular content from what exaclty? Abuse, other useers trying to access it, copyright, copying & distribution to 3rd-party illegal sources? :thinking:

Using Cloudflare WAF Rules, you can for sure block anyone trying to access the path, domain, resource, etc., however that doesn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be someone who would try to sneak behind your back to find a way to get it, even if it has to pay some :moneybag: if that’s worth for that person (as an example of using some VPN providers, scripts, bots, crawlers, etc. → you could track down and block a good portion of them).

If interested, I’d suggest you the article from below:

hi fritex,
thank you so much for your response, is really helpful

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