Is it possible to allow customers to whitelist our website IP once using Cloudflare?

I’m about to start trialling Cloudflare but have a question from what I’ve read that I wanted to see if I could get some help with please.
We have some companies we work with that restrict websites their employees can access, and currently they will whitelist our website (load balancer) IP address so their staff can access on websites okay. My understanding is that if we moved our DNS to Cloudflare then DNS could send our customers to an IP at a Cloudflare data centre to return cached data rather than go to our dedicated IP. Great for performance but not if it is blocked by their corporate network. Is this a common scenario, is there a known approach to solve this?
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Not if they whitelist by IP address.

One approach could be that you create an additional DNS host which points directly to your IP address. In that way they could still whitelist your address and dont have to go through Cloudflare. However keep in mind you would also reveal your IP address in that scenario (not sure if this is an issue for you).

If their addresses do not change you could mutually whitelist their addresses for that particular host and block everything else.

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I guess that is key, we need them to move away from access by IP to access by domain.
Thank you for your input on this.

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