Is it possible to add New DNS records in DNS management in cloud Flare

My domain is pointing Cloud Flare NS record .

Currently I have changed my hosting provider . And want to add the DNS records of new Hosting provider in CloudFlare without changing the ClouldFlare NS record in Domain .

Is it possible to add New DNS records in DNS management in cloud Flare. ?

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You can edit your DNS records here to match your new hosting’s settings.

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That means , I do not have to change NS record in Domain . But i can change my new hosting providers DNS records and add them Clould Flare DNS Management. Is it going to work 100% ?

Technically, it’s not an NS record (better not be), but the Name Servers in the WHOIS info at your host. You do not need to change this.

Rule of thumb is that all your DNS records here need to match all the DNS records at your host.

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it is not working

i did the same process of adding the DNS record . but it is not working .

What’s the full hostname you’re trying to add?

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No you need to change your NS at your registrar as indicated in the online instructions ad the follow-up email(s).

Domain name :

I have added a HTML File in my current hosting provider ( hello world). and i have already suspended my domain in previous hosting account .

But it is still showing the old contents of the previously hosted server

it is not working sir

Current hosting is suspended.

You open Cloudflare DNS tab and do 2 step:
1, point A record of root domain (@) to new hosting IP server,
2, Point www subdomain to new hosting IP server, or just make www a cname of root domain name.
That’s it, There is no other change needed.

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i have done it already … same issues


Well, it’s invalid cert.
Did you install ssl on new server? Disable proxy for root domain and install ssl on new server (if you are using Let enscript or some need to verify via ip server.)
After successful install you can turn on proxy for root domain.

kindly check it show SSL is working on cPanelssl1

It’s seem your cpanel shared hosting. That did not tell us a valid cert installed.

You have to go to SSL or SSL/TLS Status section and see if your domain is GREEN or NOT

Something like this:

And try to SET Your SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full

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