Is it Possible to add an addon domain to Cloudfare

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I would like to know if its possible to add an ADDON DOMAIN to Cloudflare. I have my domain ( which I added as an addon domain to another domain’s hosting account. I would like to add it to Cloudflare so i get the ssl certificate then later build a website which the domain will point to…my question now is since the domain is an addon domain will i be able to add it to Cloudflare and manage to point clouflare to this account and so the website for come up.


Thank you for asking.

I guess that’s a term used at a cPanel hosting provider, correct me if I am wrong :wink:

I’ve got 10s of addon domains at one cPanel web hosting from which all of them are added to the Cloudflare account.

I’d just like to add, you get one origin SSL certificate provisioned by the cPanel’s AutoSSL, however at Cloudflare edge you get the so called Universal SSL.

Nevertheless, it’s recommended to have a working website over a HTTPS (domain covered with the SSL) and domain responding to some kind of a “test” content before adding it to the Cloudflare ( domain should have some default nameservers pointed to your web hosting and respond to some IP when testing and trying to open it in Web browser).
That way, we ensure to avoid any of the possible issues from the start.

Awesome! Sounds familiar to me as being a Web developer :wink:


At Cloudflare DNS tab, you manage your DNS records as you need, create, edit, delete, and point them to the desired origin host/server - in your case, the IP of the cPanel web hosting.

Might take a day or two, which could depend on the regular DNS propagation time around the globe. However, since you’ve posted your domain name here, we can double-check, track and troubleshoot further and provide you with the feedback information in every step you go :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask anything here at the Cloudflare Community, also you can use the search :search: button to find any relevant and helpful information for you, be it “how-to” or “why”, “what” :blush:

We’re here to help.

I’d like to share useful articles and tutorials to get started:


Hie @fritex i appreciate the Response …Thank you

Yes you are right its a cpanel term although i am using DirectAdmin but its still more of the same thing.

If i may ask what is the difference between the universal SSL and the AutoSSL by CPANEL.

Did i get you right here, do you mean before adding my domain to Cloudflare i should build the website and upload it to a domain that has SSL already…if i am right this can be a bit tricky for me because i have been trying to add a SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt via DirectAdmin but its not working that is why i am hoping CloudFare will get me a SSL certificate to use with my addon domain.

Unless you are planning on using a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate, adding your domain to Cloudflare will not get you an SSL certificate to use with your domain. Cloudflare Universal SSL only encrypts traffic between the Cloudflare edge and your visitors. You still need a functional certificate installed on your origin server to encrypt the traffic between it and Cloudflare.

You can certainly add your domain to Cloudflare before you have a web site running. Just make sure that you don’t start routing web traffic through Cloudflare until you have a functional certificate on your origin server. Oooogh, eeey thanks for the clarification man…i guess i need to buy an SSL …THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN

Unless you have a specific reason to purchase a certificate, there are valid alternatives such as Let’s Encrypt and the Cloudflare Origin CA.

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