Is it possible choose the main datacenter with Argo?


I can read about ARGO:

Tiered Caching
Argo’s tiered caching technology uses regional tier 1 Cloudflare data centers to propagate content to Cloudflare’s global network, minimizing static content requests to your server, while reducing bandwidth and total costs.

What are located regional tier 1 Cloudflare data centers? If i warm my site from Milan node does it will propagate to other nodes?


I also want to know that and learn more about how Argo tiered caching works. Did you receive an answer?


I don’t know which datacenters are Tier 1, but Tiered Caching is if you’re in Milan, but Milan doesn’t have your cache, it’ll ask Rome (or whatever the nearest Tier 1 datacenter is). But if Rome doesn’t have it, Rome will use the best route to your host and then get it for Milan. I don’t think Rome will ask all the other Tier 1 datacenters because that would take too long. Just my theory.


Yes that’s accurate. We’re still a pull cache so the behavior you describe above is what happens at a high level. There’s no propagation between nodes, rather a shorter distance to traverse if the content is cached in a regional POP.

If you are an Enterprise customer you could design a custom regional cache topology, but I have never implemented a custom tiering topology for a customer because it is rarely actually necessary.


I had Argo turned on one of my domains, but the actual double Tier lowered my performance since my origin is way quicker than going to the Tier 1 datacenter and maybe having a cache miss.

As soon as I removed it (and reduced the cost) I got a speed boost. The improvement for me was in the low single digits, with some worsening for the extreme cases.