Is it Okay to wait a whole day for full strict TLS setup?

Here’s the setup that i did yesterday

  1. i’ve turn off the cloud icon from orange to grey
  2. i changed the SSL Mode into full (i set a letsencrypt to test my site working well and it’s fine)
  3. i created an origin server TLS certif for 2 years include cloudflare_ca.pem for ssl_certificate_client on my nginx setup
  4. i installed it into all my vps IP
  5. i switch back SSL mode into full (strict) and the cloud icon still remain on grey state

am i doing right?
the issue is my website still can’t be accessed

thanks in advance :pray:

first thing → what is your domain name
secondly there is no need to wait a whole day for TLS setup , it should be complete in 15 - 20 mins , max by 3-4 hours atleast :+1:

the domain is
i also check on sslshoper
and show this warning "The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers. You may need to install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate"

This should be :orange: instead of :grey:.

i’ve tried this before, and it triggers edge certificate mode activated.
or is it good idea to disable the universal ssl?

This should be activated.

The Cloudflare Origin Certificate, which sits inside your server, is only valid for connections between Cloudflare and your server.

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