Is it okay to run another CDN on top of Cloudfare's

Guys, I’m knew to this. I’m trying to get my website as fast as possible. Is it against the rules to run another CDN on top of Cloudfare? Godaddy offers a free CDN with it’s hosting package and I’m just wondering if it’s something I should try to use.

Again, probably a dumb question. I just want to be safe since my site is live now.

And if any of you speed gurus have some basic settings and rules that you could post to help a newbie out, I would greatly appreciate it.


You can certainly run a separate CDN. It should be on its own subdomain and set to :grey: so it’s not going through Cloudflare.

Typically, Cloudflare’s default CDN for static files is pretty quick. It’s usually the HTML resources that slow things down, and that shouldn’t go through a standard CDN.

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