Is it okay to leave automatically imported NS records?

I’m wanting to change my nameservers for a domain from namebright to cloudflare. Upon signing up to cloudflare, it detected a load of records, and I added a few to make sure they match (in particular, the A, CNAME and MX records are the same).

However, cloudflare autodetected a load of NS records as well - I actually can’t see these NS records on namebright but presumably they are there in the background? There are a large number of these NS records (30 in total), and they include ones whose “Names” are “aws, mail, ns1, …” and their “Content” is pointing to the default namebright nameservers.

Should I leave these records as they are before updating my nameservers on namebright? Do these records get automatically updated when I change the nameservers?

Just to note that I did do a search on this forum before posting this question. I found this answer: DNS NS Records
that seemed highly relevant but not explicit enough for me to have confidence to proceed.

Unless you want to delegate actual sub domains on to other nameservers you won’t need NS records and best remove them. Cloudflare possibly “detected” them if you had a wildcard configured. But no, just like other records they won’t get updated either.

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