Is it OK to serve images from Workers and KV?

Is there a reason for archiving your comments? I can indeed see the edited text but I want to specifically know what just changed.

You now have an official response, instead of an unofficial opinion.


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Thanks for all your feedback and bringing this issue to our attention! We’ve now clarified the language in our Terms of Service and you can check it out.

Section 2.8:
Section 1:


That certainly clarifies media files…so no video.

But now with Workers Unbound, you charge for data. Now would that be ok for video? Admittedly, it would get extremely expensive…but the user would be paying for all costs.

Doing video (as in full .mp4 files, for example) with KV is kinda hard and probably less expensive if you use Stream. It’s clarified, though.

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Thanks @ngao :+1: