Is it ok to run Cloudfare Wordpress Optimization on top of my other Optimization plugins?

So I’m using Hummingbird Pro & Smush Pro by WPMU DEV and have had great results for website Optimization.

But I received an info email from Cloudfare about their Wordpress Optimization upgrade and was interested in adding it as long as it doesn’t conflict with my other Optimization plugins?

So would it be ok to run this on top of Hummingbird Pro without seeing any performance issues?

I see you have to either go Pro for $20 a month, or have the option to Purchase this upgrade through CF, but I don’t see a price.

How much is it to purchase?


On the Free plan, it’s $5/month.

As for how APO interacts with existing plugins, it’s a different type of cache, so it generally doesn’t conflict. Though many find that they don’t need their local caches. Layered caching also adds some complexity you might not want to deal with if you’re seeing content not update as expected.

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