Is it normal for "Waiting time/TTFB" to be high with Cloudflare?


I am seeing high TTFB with Cloudflare on. So, it is causing the page to start loading after quite a long time which is obviously really bad.

It is like this-

For me:

CF off- 100-150ms
CF on- 500-1000ms

For Cloudflare Speed Test:

CF off- 0.2sec
CF on- 0.9-1sec

For Pingdom Tokyo:

CF off- 200ms
CF on- 300ms

For Pingdom Washington:

CF off- 220ms
CF on- 1000-1500ms

I am using GoDaddy Singapore server. Had a similar issue with my earlier website hosted in Hostgator as well.

It is a new site so everything was set to default. I have tested it without any plugin as well. Also, I didn’t make any change in Cloudflare settings before this. I tried making a few changes to fix it though but they didn’t help much.

So, any idea why it is happening? Is it bad idea to use Cloudflare with Godaddy?

Hi @crimson ,

Is your user base from Tokyo and Washington specifically?

Thank you.

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It was a fresh site, so no visitors except for me. It was hosted on Singapore server though.

I tried a different web host and the TTFB is great for most servers now. It is still bad for some servers but seems to work fine for the important servers.

I am not sure why it was working so bad in GoDaddy. I decided to move to a different host instead of trying to diagnose it, so I am sorry about that!

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