Is it necessary to install the Cloudflare plugin if I add the site manually on the Cloudflare account/dashboard?

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If I add a new site on Cloudflare and set it up manually from the dashboard, it’s still necessary to install the Cloudflare plugin on the WordPress side?


Thank you for asking.

In my case, I prefer to change things directly through the Cloudflare dashboard just because of a security concern and more options being available to me. I feel it to be more natural way.

However, the plugin does offer to change things through the WordPress Admin dashboard and some users find it very useful.

On the other side, in a lot of cases I use W3 Total Cache and it’s integrated CF extension (API calls/requests), because I use benefits on my Web server and other caching services like Redis, Memcached, Page Cache, etc.
But I also use Cloudflare for my domain, so that’s some way how can I quickly change few parameters for my domain via WordPress.
Anything extra, I have to login to Cloudflare dashboard and change, just like setting up the Page Rules in Cloudflare dashboard to get it working with W3TC Page Cache, etc.

I’d say it’s not necessary to install it, rather it’s optional, especially if you’re more comfortable and used to Cloudflare dashboard :slight_smile:

However, there is also the official Cloudflare APO for WordPress plugin which offers some other different settings related to the cache, and more oriented so it’s useful and a required to have it installed, if that’s to concern.

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Thank you so much @fritex

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