Is it necessary to change hosting when using cloudflare?

Hello guys,

My hosting provider recently added some new server in the US where my audience is located, currently, I host my website in Germany, but when US visitors come they are server from Cloudflare US location, I’m a PRO user and I’m wondering is it worth it to migrate to new US location or since I’m using Cloudflare and they route my traffic accordingly it is not necessary. I’m only thinking of this in terms of website speed.

Please advise.

Thank you.

If you’re serving mostly cached content then it won’t really matter, but if you have many requests going through your origin then yes, it will be better to have your origin server in the US.

in the overview tab when I check the cached request it says 83.2% but on the analytic tab it’s only like 20% cached, which one is correct?

statics for domain:

Can you post a screenshot of those analytics pages? I don’t have two separate pages for the same statistics.

As for changing hosting, I deliberately host closest to the target audience. It does make a difference. Cloudflare generally caches static assets such as images, CSS, and JS. The actual page code itself still has to be pulled from the origin.

maybe they are for different things, I don’t really know.

Mine match up. I’ve checked three domains.

Now, this is really weird…

By the way, your contact page is suffering from some from a bad case of Mixed Content. Same with Shoes. Vest is ok, though. Clearance…broken. You’re just a magnet for weird site behavior.

How do you know this? chrome never said that the website is not secure. I don’t really know much about SSL, I use let’s encrypt plus Cloudflare flexible SSL, is this coming from the CDN?

If your site has a Let’s Encrypt certificate on it, you should be using Full (Strict) SSL mode.

Thank you for the information, Will do this ASAP.

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