Is it me Or Cloudflare?

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What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?
Yeah, but not the answers that I was looking for, I’m only on the free account

Describe the issue you are having:
Logged into the site, and saw that the website is loading very slowly. At the time another site was being DDos attacked, it’s a promotion forum with many sites linked to it. My site was so damn slow that my backend control panel was slow. Just far slow and timeout.

activated “Under Attack Mode” and since then that page has been playing up to the point that my site is running fine but not anything else.

When I enter the site the Cloudflare loads sand loads and I can’t bypass it.

I do not know if I’m under attack or not now Xd I mean since I enable “Under Attack Mode” it has help with whatever was going on to the point that the site is normal again.

Can you clear browser cache or try a different browser, mobile device, and/or incognito mode and try again? Loads fine for me.

Well, it works for me know however all members saying that it loads and loads for most of them…

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It does look like there was a lot of traffic early this month, but it’s calmed down a lot,

In Security->Events, I can see there a number of users being challenged, If they are unable to pass and the attack traffic has subsided, you may want to disable under attack mode so they are not challenged. They may be unable to pass the challenge due to any number of reasons, older browser, malware, or ad blockers to name a few that we see regularly.

Post back and let us know what you find out and if this is helpful. Longer term you can look at the attack data from earlier in the month and we can assist to craft rules to block future attacks. That is sometimes a bit of whack-a-mole, but you can dial in the WAF to block malicious traffic.

Seems so, bot viewer attack or just luck. That has slowed the site down with that amount of traffic.

Attack Mod is disabled as its claim is down and not needed as an effect. will see how it goes for a while but should be all good :wink:

Will do that, There should be helpful topics and blogs here to read up anyway right?

Any recommendation?

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