Is it just me or is much reliable than

From your screenshot I’d have the impression both are equally unreliable, as you dont seem to reach either :slight_smile:. One millisecond is somewhat unrealistic.

Can you post traceroutes to all four addresses?

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I’m on an education network, 1ms is normal here. and are reliable as expected. and,on the other hand, got really high packet loss.

That could make a difference. But again, post traceroutes.

Also, Have problems with *Read Me First*

Thanks for the heads up.
I did tracert quite a few times and noticed the only difference between the results of and is that after the first 9 same hops, the former goes to a public DNS server straight away whilst the latter goes to a server called ***.*** and then jumps to another DNS server with a high ping (or timed out); so on the education network here, and are not treated equally as and for some reason.
But why are they not completely banned instead of having packet loss? I’d love to use for privacy what a pity.

Thats a question for your network administrator however.

If you dont post the traceroutes I am afraid there is not much more that can be said.

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That’s probably out of my control not even the uni I work for can sort it as the issue seems to be with the core network. Will try it when I get home to see if there’s any difference