Is it good to connect my website to Cloudflare?

Hi, I head about Cloudflare briefly from one of my friends. I have a small business website through GoDaddy. Just wondering if it’s worth connecting my website to Cloudflare and what are the main benefits? Thank you.

The best place to start is CF’s homepage and watch the 1 minute video. Your site appears to be functionng well and loads quickly, so perhaps for simplicity stick with what you have for now with everything under one roof at GoDaddy, and consider the benefits of CF if the need arises down the road. HTH.


Security always should be installed before the need arises :wink:

Generally speaking, your static page does not need a lot of security but Cloudflares CND is way more capable then GoDaddy’s one. So you could benefit. Also Cloudflare does offer a lot of functions for free, which are cool if you need them.


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