Is it better to put "Block" or "JS challenge"?

What would be more correct with this rule in protecting against bots?

Is it better to put “Block” or “JS challenge”?
Can bad bots pass the “JS challenge” defense?
The fact is that users complain that they too are blocked.

If you’re trying to block bots, I’m not sure blindly blocking HTTP/1 (etc.) traffic is a good way to go.

But, if you don’t want this to impact users at all, then using a “JS Challenge” or “Managed Challenge” would be the way to go. It’s unlikely bots would be able to bypass those for very long, or at least not very quickly.


Blocking HTTP/1.1 will probably block almost all of your users as HTTP/1.1 is still used on initial connections by many users.

Cloudflare have a number of dedicated products to detect and deal with Bots, depending on which plan you are on.


That says it all. (5 rule)

I have the PRO version

As mentioned before, HTTP/1.1 really isn’t a good indication of bad traffic. The spike there looks like it could be something, but one of Cloudflare’s bot products as per, or a more generic Managed/JS Challenge would probably work better if you want to be sure to not block real users.

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