Is "I'm Under Attack Mode" messing up with the SEO?

Hello, if I am under constant DDoS attack and I leave “I’m Under Attack Mode” on forever, will this ban google bots as well? And will the website’s SEO suffer from this?

It looks like :logo: got tired of waiting around for a response. So…

Only Google knows for sure how that affects ranking, but I can’t imaging it would be a good thing. If you use Google’s Webmaster Tools, that should help you figure this out.


According to @cbrandt, Under Attack Mode still lets good bots through:

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And the source is this piece by a prolific blogger who knows a thing or two about Cloudflare. :sunglasses:

We’ve also designed the new checks to not block search engine crawlers, your existing whitelists, and other pre-vetted traffic. As a result, enabling I’m Under Attack Mode will not negatively impact your SEO or known legitimate visitors.