Is HTTPS Required to use Cloudflare?

Our churches website would like to use Cloudflare with SSL, however, the WordPress theme we have unfortunately pulls unsecure files from a database file, making it impossible to get the green padlock.

In order for us to use an SSL, we will have to redesign the site with a new theme.

Is it possible for us to use Cloudflare without an SSL, if so, how do we do it?

You sure can! Flexible SSL lets your visitors use HTTPS while your server still runs HTTP. Cloudflare can proxy your site and then sends it to your visitors with HTTPS.

Thanks for the information.

Is “Flexible” or “Off” the best setting? Our websites content is not compatible with HTTPS

You can go with “off” and use HTTP only. So, no, you don’t need HTTPS at all.

Your current website can be made to be compatible with HTTPS (unless you’re embedding third-party insecure content), and at some point, you need to do this. Come July, Chrome browsers will begin tagging HTTP sites as “Not Secure.”

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