Is HTTP-Flood DDos possible in free mode?


I use Free Mode.
Now I often have HTTP-Flood DDos on my site.
Pro or Enterprise are too expensive for me.
Can I add HTTP-Flood DDos protection individually?
And if so, where exactly?
Under attackt doesn’t work in Free Mode.the site is still offline


:wave: @hoshimoto,

Rate Limiting and/or firewall rules requiring visitors to use a captcha can be used as mitigation techniques. Rate Limiting is a paid feature which can be turned on individually for any plan.

You can also potentially increase caching levels (cache everything) for some or all of your site to reduce/eliminate requests to origin depending on your site.


where can I find it and how can I order it?
does it help against strong layer 7 http flood

:wave: @hoshimoto,

It is enabled/purchased in the Cloudflare dashboard.


CF’s HTTP flood protection only takes effect when it’s really a problem (probably above a few hundred requests per second, maybe even more).

You can enable Rate Limiting For lower request floods on the Firewall-> tools tab of the dashboard. You will need your website to already have signed up for CF to use this, see the above post :slight_smile:

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