Is HTTP/2 Server Push disabled?


We are providing professional optimization services for customers and we want to provide HTTP/2 Server Push based optimization for Cloudflare customers.

We have the following questions:

1) Does the Cloudflare Free Plan support HTTP/2 Server Push?

There appears to be some misunderstanding about the question if the free plan supports HTTP/2 server push. Many users are informing about it in the comments on the announcement.

2) Is HTTP/2 Server Push a stable feature?

There are many users who claim that Server Push doesn’t work. Some tests show that it doesn’t work for while some users claim that it worked before.

Brad Patton • 9 days ago
Has push support been disabled? None of the sites I manage and CF’s site itself no longer sees any pushed resources in the following test.
nghttp -ans

Are there special requisites that should be considered when testing support for HTTP/2 on a Cloudflare installation?

The Cloudflare free plan does support server push. It is currently disabled while we fix an issue related to non-RFC compliant browsers and anticipate it will be back online shortly.



I’ve been trying to get this working without success and am hoping this is the reason. Has it been disabled for a while? Is there a ballpark timescale for reactivation?


what are the latest updates, has server push been re-enabled?