Is HLS HTTP Streaming allowed? + Railgun doubts

Hi! Before i begin my project, i want to ask if HLS HTTP streaming is allowed… requests are being served with ffmpeg + nginx as .ts chunks, each one being ~500kb in size… So i want to ask is it allowed to proxy that through cloudflare and will a Railgun help? because i’m considering that! Our connections here are really slow but we have direct access to cloudflare servers (~2ms to cloudflare vs ~86ms to non-cloudflare sites)… Will a Railgun help smooth out the experience? Cheers!

Generally, I believe the answer is “no” if you’re just using Cloudflare to pump video through their network. You’d have to contact Sales to find out for sure. 888-99-FLARE

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Thanks for the quick answer! (Just like a Railgun :smiley: ) Do they have an email because i currently can’t contact via phone… Cloudflare would be a life saver for my current project, heck i’d even be willing to pay for enterprise.

You’d have to try: support AT email DOT com

Or if you have access to
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Alright, will do, Thanks again!

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