Is having site host location in EU affect page loads if visitors comes from USA?

I. E: if we have a site hosted in Netherlands or UK with Cloudflare, are visitors coming from US affect badly?

As long as resources are served from cache it doesn’t matter where is the origin.


i think not all resources are serving from cache.

:face_with_monocle: Lightspeed hasn’t improved much in the last decade, the same as the previous decade…

You need to find a midpoint AMS, the Netherlands tends to be a good midpoint. There is a big difference between East and West US coasts. Sometimes a good midpoint is NYC.

Over the years I have changed the location based on the to the clients.

LON is a no go location at the moment due to GDPR compliance, all depends on Brexit outcome.

Submarine Cable might help with your choice.

First of all, the connection between Europe and the US is generally all right, so US visitors should not be “affected badly” in any way if you host in Europe.

That being said, of course, there will be additional latency though. If your primary audience is in the US and you are really concerned about latency I’d consider hosting in the US.

Cloudflare will actually address a lot of these issues by caching static resources and in those cases these resources will(/should) always be cached from the nearest Cloudflare location anyhow, so you could host in Vietnam in theory :slight_smile:. In theory, as there is not necessarily a guarantee these requests go to the nearest Cloudflare location, only static resources are cached by default, and requests for uncached resources still incur that latency.

In short, a lot depends on your set up, where your main audience is, and how much you are concerned about optimising the connection down to the last millisecond, but generally speaking I would assume you should be fine by hosting in Europe.


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