Is Google blocking the indexing of my pages?

our SEO manager is hypothesizing that Cloudflare is blocking Google from indexing our new pages

Hey there @user31512

To investigate a blocked or challenged request, navigate to Security > Security Events section of your Cloudflare Dashboard.

Our Cloudflare Managed Rules consist of two primary packages:

  • Cloudflare Managed Ruleset: These rules are curated by Cloudflare WAF Engineers.
  • OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set: These rules are externally managed by the OWASP Group. Cloudflare integrates them into our WAF for enhanced security.

If you’re encountering false positives due to the old Managed Rules, we recommend migrating to the new WAF Managed Rules. Detailed instructions are provided here, outlining the key benefits offered by the new WAF Managed Rules.

If you’re encountering false positives with the new WAF, consider the following actions:

  • Add WAF Exception: Define WAF exceptions in the Cloudflare Dashboard or using the Rulesets API.
  • Rule 949110 (new OWASP): If the blocking rule is 949110, adjust the OWASP Anomaly Score Threshold or lower the OWASP Paranoia Level.

That being said, please make sure to check for blocks on listed Google crawlers: Google Crawler (User Agent) Overview | Google Search Central  |  Documentation  |  Google for Developers

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