Is free plan can be used for my client Site?


I’am creating a WordPress site for a client. Is I can use cloudfare FREE PLAN (SSL) for my client site? (This site includes online payment also)

Thanks in advance for clarifications…

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I can proceed with free plan, Right?

Your comments are highly welcomed…



Why would you think you couldnt?

You do realise you still need a certificate on your client’s server nonetheless, right?



Thank you for your reply.

I got this doubt when reading this:


2.2 Restrictions

Unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by Cloudflare, you will not and you have no right to:

(a) rent, lease, loan, export or sell access to the Cloud Services to any third party;…"

When using free plan to customer, Is I am selling?

Free plan can use for clients, right? :slight_smile:

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That is a valid concern and you should best clarify this with support at



Thank you for your reply.



If I’m doubt, create an account in your customer’s name, have them agree to the terms of service, and grant yourself access to their account.

This ensures you aren’t reselling, just managing on their behalf.



Thank you for your replay.

Sounds nice.



My only problem with that is, what if you’re a Web Design Freelancer and bill your clients on a monthly plan, you don’t want to be handing over all of the control of DNS to your client until they’ve finished paying your plan off in full.

Otherwise your client could just change their Cloudflare password and run away with your website and we’d be powerless as a Freelancer to do anything about that (except maybe just turning off their server, because that will be on a different platform like GCP/AWS - I haven’t even seen their terms regarding this as well but I can’t imagine it would be a problem, we’re generating more business for them and CF alike).

Atm, I run a 12 month plan, charging a fixed small amount (AUD $299) per month for web design + hosting at, but I have received feedback that maybe this isn’t the best pricing model for this kind of work. I’m thinking of charging up front cost, or at least 40-80% upfront.

Besides, there are managed WP hosting partners like (KeyCDN) and (MaxCDN/StackPath) that resell hosting and even offer white labelling or reselling solutions for Freelancers, so maybe that’s one way around this :), but I noticed they’re not using Cloudflare maybe for this reason?

Personally I wouldn’t want to be doing manual hosting work on behalf of web design clients. I’d rather just get a managed hosting provider for them, it’s safer (daily backups), faster (everything is configured optimally) and you have 24/7 chat support should anything happen. You don’t get that when you DIY and often lose hours of your time when issues arise. A few other good ones are (they let you choose which cloud you want to host with), etc.

I just read this line too in the terms before signing up to Pro plan for myself “(a) rent, lease, loan, export or sell access to the Cloud Services to any third party;…” in the terms as well. Seems like a generic legal term, because other different industry businesses have this as well.

“(xxi) rent, lease, loan, trade, sell/re-sell access to the Platform or any related Content, information or data;”

I dislike when outdated or overlooked legals get in the way of innovation though, maybe Cloudflare should relook at that line from a Freelancer’s subscription model perspective? :frowning:

Also, ‘export’ could also mean you set it up for them on their behalf or not? Legals are always vague on purpose, provides maximum protection. Enforcing those laws in various countries is another issue all together.

But, honestly, if I was using CF for clients, I would set up new account for them, but only transfer them the credentials once they had paid their price of their Siteroo plan to me for their web design + hosting requirements.

Envato terms are even more hassey, but they allow regular licence of themes for clients as long as it isn’t a SaaS product or subscription users have to pay to use the site for like VIP forums or stuff I guess. Looks like they have updated it to be clearer:

Great question OP! :slight_smile:


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