Is DS Record provided by Cloudflare invalid?

Dear Cloudflare Community,

Do let me know if the DS records provided to me are incorrect form Cloudflare because from my domain registrar they are set but in tests it shows invalid.

Records provided by Cloudflare:
DS Record
coreraid dot com. 3600 IN DS 2371 13 2 F61D66E769FA4E841D49519739DA0DBD2C0939674724F9C98B2604510F442BA5


Digest Type - 2


Public Key

Key Tag

257 (KSK)

DNSSEC Visualization Test:
Please go-to dnsviz and enter www dot coreraid dot com and then you’ll find out because I’m prohibited to send urls which makes it even harder for people to find solutions to their issues.

The Cloudflare DS records aren’t set by your registrar yet…		172800	IN	NS		172800	IN	NS		86400	IN	DS	48956 13 4 5C61F93C5BCBA9DCDE28C02E0755CCCAE323380325479E0958083E20 3E51919F5F351C2191F054E994682E9FA1F26C02		86400	IN	DS	48956 13 2 A0713D9DEDE8DFB7F42693A86579610F17C7D47DB411E7B773096105 18B56A7D		86400	IN	DS	48956 13 1 C0890D41DF246CD00378E3874C4723AC2732117B		86400	IN	RRSIG	DS 13 2 86400 20240224080537 20240217065537 4534 com. JbLU0tUKRQN+cjrZsYTCDsnKiUUG37KCK9lQw8okdvUscQxtv1rUsa/g 44oFAuCNKsgzPjAr3rSPLVBOZKoWAQ==
;; Received 605 bytes from 2001:503:d414::30#53( in 6 ms

Dear sjr,

Thank you for the confirmation, I’ll let my domain registrar know that DS records are still the old ones.

Abdullah Jamal

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