Is DNS Update working?

Adding records at Cloudflare does not actually reflect them.
Normally this would take less than 5 minutes, but after a few hours, they are still not reflected.
They appear to be added on the dashboard, but when I do an nslookup it is clear that they are not.
Cloudflare Status just shows “Restored”

Hi, very sorry for the inconvenience. We’re still seeing degraded performance for DNS updates (, and you seem to have gotten particularly unlucky and hit an edge case that further increased the delay. I’ve manually given your zone a nudge and it should be working now. Thanks for the report and please let us know if you’re still seeing issues!


Thank you for your quick response.
We hope that the outage at Cloudflare will be resolved as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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I seem to have the same issue. Been waiting for a few hours now since updating, but the change I made doesn’t seem to propagate at all.

If you’d be willing to “nudge” my zone too, I’d be thankful. Let me know if you need more details.

Sorry about that @zanoii! Could you give me your zone name or ID?

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HI @janik1 i seem to be having the same issue along with not being able to load my website I can see it has updated in most zones but not all and I seem to be getting a lot more trouble with mainly my website.

Hi, could you also provide me with a list of zone names/IDs please, or your account ID if there are many? I’d be happy to take a look. (Feel free to send them privately to janik at if you prefer.)

Hi, we face the same issue here, set a correct ip to record but not working. Our zone id id f3cc5a63a4ddfb87e562d81b0b2ba47b, could you please take a look. Thanks!

I have same problem.My domain name is a lot.

Hi, @tianchi915 and @raj8525, rebuilt both your zones; should be working again now.


@janik1 same problem with me, please help me check, all of my domains are effected:,,

I have 2 domains at cloudflare, both were updated first through pfsense’s dynamic-dns plugin (5h ago) and the changes were reflected on the dashboard, and second on the dashboard itself (1h ago) and none of the domains reflect the changes when querying the ip with sites or nslookup

I got the same issue where I cannot reach my domain, it was working briefly during the weekend, my zone ID 0005ec7ce43ffe892b5964ec590948e3


@nomanlucio, pushed your zones to the front of the queue.

@programingstafi, what are your zone names/IDs?

@ciro.disegnatore, gave your zone a nudge too.


Those are my zone ids thanks for the help

@programingstafi, done.

@janik1 Hi, can you please nudge my zone)

Done! @domains2

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