Is DNS propagation still a thing?

Recently I had to change the ip address for a subdomain (my DNS is hosted by Cloudflare).

The subdomain is hosted at a third party company.

When I made the change, I was able to load the content from my subdomain straight away from my home PC.

However, if I try to load the subdomain from some other servers I have (which are in another country), then I get a 404 error.

Could this be because the DNS hasn’t propagated to them yet?

It has now been over 24 hours since I made the change in my DNS (which is hosted by Cloudflare).

Obviously if I do a DNS check on the subdomain, all I’m ever going to get is a Cloudflare IP address. If my DNS is also hosted with Cloudflare … it seems strange that DNS propagation could be a thing with Cloudflare also hosting my DNS.

With the subdomain hosted at a third party, is the Proxy status for the subdomain record set to Proxied (:orange:), or Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only?

Do you mind sharing the subdomain this is about, and what target you would expect, so we can dig deeper with you?

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if i change it to unproxied, them i’m getting the same behaviour

my servers in the USA are getting a file not found, but it works fine from my pc

but if i ping the domain, then both my PC and the US server return the same ip address

so it looks like it must be a different issue

it turns out that it was a problem with the firewall at the hosting company - it was rejecting requests from my java programs. I was only trying to connect from a java program from my servers in the USA, and only from a browser on my PC here… which led me to the wrong conclusion.

thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t have put my bet on a firewall, given the 404 error you mentioned initially. :confused:

Happy to (attempt to) help wherever I can, and, happy to hear you have solved the issue. :slight_smile:

(Also thanks to you for getting back about that!)

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yeah actually that was probably a false assumption on my part, and played a big part in misdiagnosing the issue.

I found out that the java.url.HttpConnection.getInputStream() method throws a FileNotFound exception whenever the error is > 400 (but it is possible to dig deeper to get to the root cause).

I just assumed it was a 404 because of the name of the Exception given (file not found)… and it made sense because if it was connecting to the wrong ip address, you’d think it would get a 404.