Is data served nearest cached location?

If my hosting server is located in Singapore. Lets say someone load my site in US east coast, but nearest cached POP is west coast. Does data get served from US west coast? Or does my Singapore hosting server, push data to US east coast?

The data would be served from from the closest in ms pop or could load direct. It really depends.

The data would be cached in that pop as well as long as you received users in that region as well. So I wouldn’t expect 1 user in the us west to get the fastest page loads, but if 10 visited then the pages would be cached. (Example numbers)


To add to this, if you use ARGO there is tiered caching, which means that instead of a PoP asking for your backend files, it might just ask another PoP that has the data cached.

Very cool!


I have low traffic site under 1000 visitor month, traffic comes from every continent. Just wondering is free cloudflare, help that much for load times if most of data is cached very few location?

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