Is Couldflare website traffic data correct?

I am little confused. I am new thats why i need your help in order to understand the traffic. I have a website the [URL]( is the traffic of my website is different in google analytics than the Cloudflare traffic. I want to know why these are different. Which one is more accurate traffic. Please help be in this matter.

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I assume Web browser privacy settings + extensions like Origin Ublock, Adblock, AdGuard, DuckDuck Privacy Essentials, Do not Track, etc. might have some impact, however Analytics stats/data at Cloudflare dashboard is server-based, meaning no matter what a user visit will be tracked in the dashboard. Therefore, based on a unique IP addresses visiting in a timeframe - thus, it counts all visitors, not just those without an ad blocker.

More about Cloudflare Analytics here:

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