Is context per worker execution unique?


I was wondering whether the context in a execution is unique. So for example if I were to set a (global) variable outside the event function with a request id, that I can expect it to stay the same and not be modified by another request that goes on at the same time.

Generally it will re-use a context and have access to globals created by other requests, but it won’t be consistent by any means and is on a per-datacenter basis. See and Worker's Global Variables

Ah, that’s unfortunate.
Using webpack currently for the worker I’m working on, and it’s hard to get the request/event context in a different file/function, so currently I have to pass the event object down the whole chain of functions, which is quite annoying and hard to manage.
Ideally would be able to globally grab the context of the current request that a function is handling or something like that