Is Cloudways secured enough or we should use Cloudflare

I have been using digitalOcean web hosting service provided by Cloudways from quite a time and as the time passes the worth of the data has increased so much thus the threat to the data has also increased likewise.
I have talked to the Cloudways support number of times and they said that my data remains secured with them but it’s what they think of their security. However, I wanted to ask some other industry specialist as their opinion will not be a baised one.
So, the question is “Either my data secured with Cloudways or I should some other authorities as the likes of Cloudflare for the security”.

Cloudways is a server management platform. They’ll do their best to give you a properly configured server, which I’m sure is quite good, but Cloudflare provides a different set of services.

Once you have a server up, either on your own or through Cloudways, Cloudflare acts more like a firewall to protect your site and enhance its performance.

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