Is Cloudflare's domain email a full solution relative to Google Workspace?

I am planning to transfer to Cloudflare from Google Domains, but not sure if email routing will cover my needs like Google Workspace did in the Google ecosystem. Will the Cloudflare email setup work similarly to Google Workspace? As in, if I move my main domain to Cloudflare, will I be able to hook directly into Outlook or some other email browser easily? How will my Google account transfer? Will my existing inbox transfer as well?

Just curious on what my best email solution is when moving to Cloudflare from Google Domains/Workspace. If anyone has experienced this specific transfer and has some guidance on what I can expect before I move my whole setup over! Thanks!

Cloudflare’s Email Routing service is not an email hosting service; it offers neither mailboxes nor email sending. It is only forwarding.

Cloudflare doesn’t provide email hosting and have indicated that they are not interested in offering that service, so it’s not going to happen anytime soon. You would need to find another email hosting provider.


Unless leaving Google Workspace is a requirement for you, the best option is to continue using your existing Google Workspace email.


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