Is cloudflare tunnel free?

Is cloudflare tunnel free for lifetime? I have resources like media files, html, php, js so I used it last night it works perfectly.
So what I am planning now is that I have a production site and for that I will generate tunnel url and then I will put that url at my dashboard cname dns to point to my domain so all I want to ask that is it free for lifetime?

It’s free, but there are no guarantees of how long that will last. You still have to abide by Terms of Service 2.8, though.

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Only non html content is limitation nothing more right?

You should read the rest of the Terms of Service, just to be sure.

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I haven’t enabled access then also its telling choose a plan

How to disable?

You should be able to choose a plan that won’t cost anything.

I dont want plan I am beginner I can’t pay I will use free services only.

There’s a plan called Free Plan.

ok now I have created a tunnel and now I pointed my domain to that tunnel url cname but I get this how to fix?

Where are you pointing to?


like this

Please share which documentation you are referring to, as your configuration is incorrect.

IDK which documentation I just used this command cloudflared tunnel --url http://localhost:3000 to create a url and then I just gone to my dashboard and then I added cname dns record and it shows

That’s Quick Tunnel. It’s not tied to your domain. You only get the one URL, and that’s the one your CNAME points to. You can’t create a CNAME in your own domain to point to it.

The good news is that you can configure your server to respond to your own domain name, but that’s a full tunnel setup with Ingress rules. It’s a bit of a chore the first time through, though.

If you need further assistance with this, please start a new thread, as it’s off topic from cost.

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