Is Cloudflare the slowest hosting provider?

Dear Cloudflare staff,
on a Benchmark, a YCombinator user claimed that Cloudflare (by a huge margin) offers the slowest service of all, which is especially concerning when I’m comparing Cloudflare’s time to AWS CloudFront.

I was under the assumption, that Cloudflare is operating as one of the fastest CDNs out there (with most end points)

Is this something you are working on? I’m very concerned about this benchmark and thus seriously consider going back to AWS CloudFront or Fastly.

EDIT: Source of benchmark

Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML pages by default only static files You need to specifically tell Cloudflare to cache HTML pages via page rules etc

Cloudflare Workers don’t cache by default either for HTML pages only static files unless you write the Worker to cache HTML pages.

So if they tested on default index.html page then it would of been a Cloudflare Cache miss/bypass which may explain their results.


The only website I would trust for comparison between CDNs is:
I must say that in the past Cloudflare used to score higher, I’m unsure what happened.

Edit: On a personal note, I find your title quite misleading, cloudflare is neither a hosting nor the slowest provider out there, it is surprisingly fast considering that it’s not just a CDN but a reverse proxy that will mitigate DDoS attacks,act as a WAF, etc.
All the other vendors mentioned in there will charge you a tremendous amount of money if you ever received a DDoS attack towards any of their cached resources.


Wow, two fantastic answers. Thank you, I am seeing it in a similar way now.

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