Is CloudFlare support always this unpleasant?

I opened an official ticket with CloudFlare, explaining how some TXT records (DKIM + DMARC) are not showing up, despite being configured a week ago. An urgent ticket, because it affects email delivery.

The technical details are irrelevant but after 3 days and not one but two rounds of that silly empty-email-reply-to-reach-an-actual-person we received a reply, by one “Purnima N, Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer”.

Purnima’s reply completely ignored the question, was misspelled, included an irrelevant link, and concluded with an arrogant “Your issue has been resolved”.

Is CloudFlare support only AI chatbots? Or are they honestly this incompetent? What’s your experience?

Apologies if you think the support you received was not satisfactory. I generally find their support to be helpful, and have had conversations with Purnima a couple of times. We don’t have access to your account or tickets, so I have no idea if the response or link were wrong, generally the ‘issue has been marked as resolved’ is an automated email once the ticket has been marked as solved.

They do use AI on some tickets for autoresponses which, while sometimes miss the question, can be helpful in a lot of cases.

Is the issue now sorted? If not then please just let us know and I am sure someone here in the community will have a look into it for you.

What you described is not very helpful, but I cant “objectively” comment on it until I know the content of the ticket. If you feel like please share it here.

As for your issue, maybe we can resolve it here. Whats the domain and what are the records?

Well, where do you go from here? If the official support closes your ticket without as much as reading it, what other channels are there? Change the provider? Request a different support person, somehow?

Like I said, we can’t comment on any issues on the ticket as we don’t have access to your account. If you post the ticket number, one of the mods may take a look for you.

We are able to resolve a lot of problems here, if you would like to get some help then please just open a new topic.

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Thanks for your responses @domjh and @sandro , I understand you might be able to help (likely more than CloudFlare!), but this thread is for sharing experiences around the official CloudFlare support.

I wouldn’t want to dilute it with the technicalities of my own particular ticket. I consider the solution orthogonal to the frustrating (non-)communication style and sense of wanton helplessness that CloudFlare support instills.

Then simply open a new thread.

Commonly known as ranting? :wink:

I understand your support experience was a bit frustrating and I also already had some maybe not that optimal support experiences but perseverance usually pays off. Simply reopen the ticket and emphasise the issue once more. Not to use that as an excuse for Cloudflare, but still, this is not specific to Cloudflare. Most companies, where I had the pleasure to interact with support, were inadequate in one way or another in this regard.

To be brutally honest and upfront, I would think the issue at hand is most likely a misconfiguration on your side. Right now I cant think of any recent case where a properly configured TXT record on Cloudflare wouldnt have worked. Again, I dont want to use that as an excuse for the support not doing their job properly (and I specifically refer to the answer, not the time it took), but the point I am trying to make is that a resolution is most likely not out of your hands.

Long story short, if you want the community to have a look, open a thread :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! I created this thread as Meta, which kinda implies “rant” :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciate your offer to help and again, it’s entirely possible the error is on our side. But I find that unrelated to how Cloudflare support interacted (should make things easier to resolve, not harder!).

I’m just curious what other people went through, and how they coped. Apart from getting community help here, which seems stelar :star:

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I generally find the support to be fairly good, I have had one occasion where the response didn’t really answer my question, but when I responded to the ticket to re-open it and explained further, it did then get resolved.


Fair enough :slight_smile:

Generally Cloudflare’s support is decent, though I did have some clueless responses as well. I think I got kind of used to having to explain everything to companies five, six times :smile:

Difficult to tell, some people had good experiences, others claimed the exact opposite. Like with hotel or restaurant reviews it is always a bit tricky to find the truth :smile:

Generally speaking a lot of Cloudflare related issues can be solved by the community here. If it is something only Cloudflare staff has access to (billing or particular technical settings), there obviously is no other way than through support.

If nothing else helps, you can always ping @cloonan :innocent:

:wave: @radimrehurek

My experience has been that they are generally exceptional.


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In general if you have a complaint that specific DNS records are not propagating it is helpful to list the records in question in the support ticket. Also if you claim the result is not appearing using a tool like dig it is helpful if you include an example and the output like this:

dig TXT +short                                                                         
"v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]"

dig +short                                                             
dig TXT +short                                                              
"v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=somethingsomething"

Although in the examples above the expected output based on the values in the DNS entries are returned so it’s difficult to say. However the 3rd party tool/link you provided was a query for the root domain. That result (that you provided) is/was correctly displaying the records that exist and the Cloudflare support engineer confirmed that.

I see no evidence of a propagation issue either upon review.


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