Is Cloudflare Stream the answer?

Hi Guys,
I wondered if you could help me. I have an elearning website with lots of HTML based elearning courses, and they all have lots of videos embedded in the course.

We are currently using cloudflare free CDN, and because of the traffic level, about 40% of the static files are cached, and none of the mp4 video files are cached.

Because these videos are large and are the bottleneck, I am looking for ways of ensuring that the videos are cached, but after reading a lot about Cloudflare Stream, it doesn’t sound like the sort of things for me. Is it? The thing is, these videos are embedded in courses as SCORM packages, and I can’t make any edits to the videos. What I want is for these video files to be served by Cloudflare just like other static files. Did I miss something? If we add Cloudflare Stream, will the videos be automatically served from Cloudflare, without us having to upload the videos to cloudflare?