Is Cloudflare stream for mobile

Hi Folks,

Is Cloudflare stream designed and meant for a mobile-first video world or is it a product for desktop only?

We tried to use it for our mobile app based on react native on IoS. Here are our experiences :

  1. We are stuck with using web view and the native player without any customization possible as I believe player customizations are possible only on desktop
  2. The native player opens in landscape mode even for portrait videos which is an absolute no go for us. Also, there is no way to make it open in full portrait mode by default.
  3. Every video buffers twice, once in the stream and then again inside the native player.
  4. Occasionally we get the message that “The media playback was aborted due to a corruption problem”

Not sure how Cloudflare claims to have fixed streaming with these issues
The product seems not commercial ready at all and not meant for mobile in a mobile-first world.
if anyone has used Cloudflare on a mobile app running in production, we would love to know


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Any updates on this?

Stream videos can definitely be used on mobile apps. If you’re using Stream on mobile apps, I would definitely recommend using a custom player – not a web view – with the .mpd (MPEG-DASH) and .m3u8 (HLS) URLs provided for every video and live stream.

If you’re using react-native, check out this project: react-native-video - npm