Is Cloudflare SSL enough or do I need Really Simple SSl plugin for WordPress site?

HI there folks,
I am using Cloudflare CDN for almost all of my sites, my senior told me to use Really Simple SSL plugin with it. I have tested even without this plugin I get the SSL certification, I’ve read on threads here at community people are also using Really Simple SSL even Cloudflare has a dedicated tutorial about it
I have searched for the answer in the community but didn’t find any, my site is although working fine.
My issue is that I am getting this error in Really Simple SSL plugin its prompting me to Upgrade to pro or else I am vulnerable to attacks

this is my site’s address let me know If I can only rely on Cloudflare CDN or do I have to use this plugin.

Given that it’s saying your site is vulnerable to enumeration attacks, I would say the Cloudflare SSL isn’t enough and you need the Really Simple SSI plugin for WordPress site. :man_shrugging:t2:


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