Is Cloudflare SSL as good as getting my own domain SSL

Hi, my service provider offers SSL certificates, but expensive. Cloudflare allows a free SSL. If I point my site via Cloudflare and add the free SSL is this as secure as my own SSL. Will my site show the SSL padlock. Any other considerations. Cheers guys.

Cloudflare only offers free SSL if you are referring to their origin certificates, which you still need to configure on your server. But then, you can achieve this with Lets Encrypt as well.

If that is not what you are referring to, I am afraid Cloudflare wont offer “free SSL”. You still need a certificate on your server.

You can add own SSL but you need to purchase Business Plan like mine, btw what ssl you want to use?

That does not affect the connection between Cloudflare and the origin which requires a certificate on the server to be secure.

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You can use http on your site and https on Cloudflare - if you select Flexible SSL on Cloudflare, but it will only be secure from Cloudflare to the Internet. Not from the origin to Cloudflare.

Obviously it’s better to get SSL on the origin - through Let’s Encrypt, or buy one - then use Full SSL on Cloudflare.

Hi, sorry for delay I was out of the country and internet has been very bad! Thanks for your reply. I understand what you say, what exactly are the implications of that. I am using PHP and Mysql and want to prevent hackers. I am new to security issues . I wonder what use it is if the connection is only secure FROM Cloudflare - many thanks.

My recommendation would be to either start reading about server administration and configuration or hire someone with the right experience.

What you need is a certificate on your server.


And once you have a working HTTPS configuration with a certificate on your server, you can then add :logo: on top of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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