Is Cloudflare slowing down my site?

My site is and

I read this comment:

I’ve done some tests and I’ve concluded that for small, lightweight sites (e.g. my store, turning on Cloudflare’s proxy did more harm than good. That’s why I’ve decided to go without it.

Although I haven’t done tests, I think CF’s proxy is better suited for “heavy” sites. For instance, Rocket Loader aggregates JS.

Tests results
No CF:…
CF, warmed cache:…

From this article:

I already use BunnyCDN to serve CDS, JS and images.

Could Cloudflare actually be slowing down my sites?


You would need to do some before & after tests using tools such as GTMetrix and decide for yourself. Overall, Cloudflare usually speeds up overall load time, but you need to do your own testing. There is a test in the Speed tab of the dashboard that should give you a general approximation.

Using Gtmetrix:



You only have two resources coming from your domain. The page code, which Cloudflare doesn’t cache by default, so it needs an extra hop to get that from your server, and a font file that’s not being cached for some reason. That’s very little to work with.

That’s also only half the equation. Cloudflare also provides protection against attacks, plus a bunch of other services to improve site functionality.

If speed is your only concern, then Cloudflare isn’t going to help, given your current configuration.


But it won’t have a negative impact?

I use Wordfence on the site which blocks more attacks then Cloudflare, so I could go without it. Is there any way I can test the site without Cloudflare without having an impact on users?


Nope. Cloudflare adds that extra hop in order to provide services. As I recall, it added less than a half-second in total to your domain going through Cloudflare.

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Okay, thanks. So should I just completely remove it?

I have Wordfence managing a lot onsite anyway. It would be good to cut another point of reliance.

And 10 minutes after I write that Cloudflare goes down lol

I am planning to remove it from this site:

What about this site:

Does the latter need it?


I changed the yellow cloud to the grey one, and it’s a lot quicker - odd that the CDN proxy thing slows it down :confused:

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