Is Cloudflare server are not good in india

Hi I used cache everything with my site and do few tests On gtmetrix and webpagetest
After That i come to conclusions that Cloudflare does make your site fast in other regions but not India it takes at least 300 ms to First ttfb and getting other resources like css and js and if i do test on canada The result way faster the ttfb is under 150 ms and cs js file load in under 50ms but not in India can someone tell me why

Where’s your server?

When you do your performance testing, take a look at the HTTP headers to see which Cloudflare datacenter is serving the content. There’s a cf-ray header that ends with the airport code for that region. There are a few in India, and many more throughout Asia.

Cache has been served from hong Kong
that’s why it’s slow why it’s not been served from delhi or Mumbai

I suspect the answer will be that bandwidth costs are higher in India and that free plans use cheaper POPs. That’s the only explanation I regularly see for now using local POPs.

But where is your actual server? Also in India?

I am on a Pro membership, I saw low results previously but I confirmed now. Accesses from Mumbai are served from Singapore. The below image was taken from this address and is going to a worker so no other server is accessed. Mumbai has it’s own server? Why is it taking 215 ms for a response?

Same results here for my Pro plan website. Singapore.

The good news is the Singapore speeds are terrific! Now only if visitors from Mumbai/India could see such speed if they were routed to the Mumbai POP. Seoul’s not so hot, either, so I suspect Seoul visitors are also going through Singapore.

My Server is in America I think in Dallas
hmm I think i should create a support ticket to ask why india server are so slow
i suspect its because of slow bandwidth

NRT, Tokyo for me from Seoul.

My results

Well, kinda like me… Just a little slower network due to a longer round trip to you server. @ryan any help here?

Well My server is super cheap so the performance is not so good
Im going to migrate to digital ocean when mine package end

I don’t know you setup, nor your requirements. Didn’t have time to open the website even. But why don’t switch to something like Firebase Hosting? Static files are impressively fast (often even better than Cloudflare), it even allows for Node.js on specific paths with Cloud Functions.

Firebase way expensive for me And im quite new with hosting and I dont need static site it still Very fast my site opens under 1.5 sec Not so bad in shared Hosting

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