Is cloudflare really worth it?

I am thinking to add my website on Cloudflare. Is this really true that it benfits a lot when it comes to security and performance of a website or just myth. Wanted this question just to know about experience of current users of Cloudflare here.

Yes, it’s worth it.


As so often in life the answer is it depends.

Does Cloudflare provide a decent and reliable service? Yes, it does. Is Cloudflare a magic bullet, fixing all your performance and security issues? No, it isn’t and it won’t.

Performance-wise Cloudflare can (not will) mostly have an impact on our site with its cache. With 200 datacenters across the world, Cloudflare’s proxies are more likely to be closer to your visitors than your own server. On top of that they are more likely to have better connectivity than your own server. Then again, you’ll share them with way more people than you will share your own server with.

Security-wise it won’t do all that much for you, at least in the default configuration. WAF does have several default settings which will apply an additional security layer straight out of the box, but that will require a paid plan. Otherwise it mostly still comes down to tweaking on your end and making sure the firewall is properly configured for your own use case. You’ll also still need to make sure that your server is properly configured for SSL and runs in a secure environment.

If you were thinking of the denial-of-service protection, then you should realise that this will mostly apply to network requests up to TCP, which are certainly abstracted by the very nature of the reverse proxy concept. Everything else (HTTP) will most likely still reach your server and will require additional tweaking from your side.

One clear downside of Cloudflare you should be definitely aware of is that all your traffic will go through Cloudflare and they will be able to analyse that. If you have strict privacy concerns, that might be an issue, regardless of Cloudflare’s privacy policies.

If the latter is not an issue and your use case is not one of those were request latency will go up for most of your visitors, then you can certainly give it a try.


Hi Sandro, Thanks for this detailed and technical answer of my query, lot of my confusions solved and will now will be doing it confidently.

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