Is Cloudflare Radar not functioning? (#endlessloop)

is [radar.Cloudflare .com/categorization-feedback] support-page not functioning?
I keep getting an endless loading-circle and than nothing ever happens.
Tried it with Firefox, Chrome and Edge, all without any luck.

I would like to use it to #delist or mark this next url as #falsepositive: [images.mobilism .org] since it’s not functioning when I use your 1112 DNS-service (#1112).

With Kind regards,

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did you resolve this @tim77?

no, I can’t get a report created, I enter te url and then an endless ‘loading circle’

PS. the whole link to this report/feedback-option is now error:404 at this exact moment

The location changed, just reported that to the team

You can do that here now: (obviously with your own domain)


And now it works and with this new url/location.
Thank you for your time and service, really appreciated and with kind regards.

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