Is Cloudflare Plugin Required?

I just configured Cloudflare on my domain. The status is Active. I have WordPress blog in a sub-directory. I have checked both the domain and blog url with , and its showing Cloudflare is working.

Do I need to install Cloudflare wordpress plugin too? Cloudflare – WordPress plugin |

The plugin is recommended but not required. It is basically a one-click ‘optimize Cloudflare settings for Wordpress’ function. It also allows you to change certain things from within Wordpress directly (saving you from logging in to the Cloudflare dashboard). Check this article to see what changes it makes when you press the magic button:

One thing to look out for is minification. I don’t recommend having a Wordpress minification plugin in conjunction with Cloudflare minification.

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Thanks Andy. The all settings that are mentioned in the link are already applied on website in Cloudflare dashboard, except “Auto Minify”. There is an option to set this via Cloudflare. Shall I enable that? There is a purge cache option too.

Is there any other additional benefit of the plugin, like if I update my WordPress, will the plugin be handy in that case?

You can experiment with minify if you like. Effectiveness varies from site to site. I don’t use Cloudflare minification because my assets are minified server side as part of a pipelining process.

One other feature is the option to automatically purge cache when you make changes in wp-admin. I’m not sure if there are other features, it’s been a while since I used Wordpress.

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