Is Cloudflare plugin no longer compatible with LiteSpeed Cache plugin?


This morning, on the staging site I updated the LiteSpeed Cache plugin from version 4.6 to 5.0. Right after that, an error message was displayed on the WordPress PLUGINS page:

Please consider disabling the following detected plugins, as they may conflict with LiteSpeed Cache: Cloudflare

On my site there is indeed the latest version of the Cloudflare plugin (4.10.1).

Do you have any information about this problem, please?

So far, the 2 plugins have always worked perfectly together, the site was fast, performed well and no error messages were ever displayed. So now I hesitate to update the LiteSpeed plugin on the main site…

Thanks in advance for your help


As that message is coming from the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, you should be asking LiteSpeed about this.

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Yes, thanks, I’m doing that too. I was just thinking that if LiteSpeed is incompatible with Cloudflare, then Cloudflare is incompatible with LiteSpeed in the same way, so maybe some Cloudflare users have the explanation/solution…?

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