Is Cloudflare optimizing my webfonts?


I am having an issue with optimization of my Wordpress site breaking a plugin. I am not sure where this optimization is coming from, and neither is the plugin author. It doesn’t seem to come from anything else in my setup, so I wondered whether it was coming from Cloudflare. Please look at the screenshot:


The green line is the original code. It has been commented out and replaced with the line above it by some optimization function. Does that function come from Cloudflare?


Very unlikely.

Can you post the actual URL?


Unfortunately not because it’s from an internal admin page.


That is FontAwesome JS doing its substitution.

There is no optimization there, it’s turning a i tag to svg, that couldn’t be optimization.


Thanks, that’s really helpful! FontAwesome JS must be bundled with my theme or one of my plugins. Anyway, with that lead, I’ll be able to track it down.

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